Politics and Rational Thought, E-gads!

A nice article about co-ops popped-up on my radar today; an article about a Mayoral candidate in Chicago! The article, from eNews Park Forest near Chicago, is Chicago Mayoral Candidate Dr. Amara Enyia to Create Stronger Economy through Worker-Owned Cooperatives. The article makes a great case for the link...
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Terrific post by Richard Wolff

Richarg Wolff at Otterbein University
I found the most terrific video by Richard Wolff where he says everything I would love to be capable of saying about democracy and economics and politics and our future. It’s a long video, but well worth watching. Richard D. Wolff – “Our Economic Futures: Can Democracy Cure...
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Great Beer Drinking Occasion

icy and Dan inside the Brewery
Here is a story that warms my heart in a very special way, tomorrow Harpoon Brewery becomes 48% employee-owned! I enjoyed Harpoon, a local brew, when I lived in Boston, and I am very pro employee-ownership. This event combines both of those things and creates a great beer drinking occasion....
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“Prosperity For All”

BALLE, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, will be holding their annual conference, titled “Prosperity For All” June 11 – 13 in Oakland, CA. “This June, the 12th Annual BALLE Conference will bring hundreds of entrepreneurs and local business leaders to Oakland, CA, to dive deep into...
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Employee Ownership Conference, April 8-10, 2014, in Atlanta

Saw a press release through Digital Journal and also PR Web detailing the events at this year’s NCEO Employee Ownership Conference. Here’s the first few paragraphs from the press release: Verit Advisors will have five presenters at the 2014 NCEO Employee Ownership Conference in Atlanta, April 8-10, 2014. This...
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Knock me over with a feather

I get daily email updates from Google on news categories I have selected, including worker cooperatives, employee ownership, and ESOPs. Since I have signed up I have found that there is a lot of activity around the world concerning coops, some from Europe, the UK, and Canada, concerning government...
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War of the Words

Life is frustrating here among the humans. Humans have this thing called language that they can try to use to exchange thoughts and ideas between each other’s brains. It seems like a spiffy thing. This language can be spoken, or even written down so as to save for...
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