A Glimpse of Cooperation!!

Grab with Gar
Well, don’t I have egg on my face. I glanced through today’s email and noticed that Gar Alperovitz is speaking at THE POLITICS OF LOVE & JUSTICE SUMMIT on Wednesday. Just yesterday I was blathering on that these folks should chat with those folks … I’ve contacted the Democracy...
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Accelerating the Next Evolution

I’ve been tuned into The Politics of Love & Justice Summit! (brought to you by TheShiftNetwork) This has a lot of spiritual and religious leaders involved, but had a good bit of “money in politics” and “corporate responsibility” type of talk mixed in as well. Check them out! Oh, and...
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Been gone too long

Logo with ribs 002
I’ve been gone too long and just wanted to post what I’ve been up to in that time. http://laidbackbbq.com       and http://capitalismiscriminal.org
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“A Better Way of Doing Business”

EOA logo
There is an article out today from the Employee Ownership Association in the UK about the growing employee ownership (E-O) in the UK. As 2015 starts to take shape, employee ownership remains the fastest growing form of business in the UK. The number of companies owned by their...
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Cooperative Platform of Sustainability Partnerships Launched PartnerRadio.org for Sustainability Projects and Visionaries

PartnerRadio.org will co-host sustainability projects and visionaries to reach one billion people with inspiration, crowdfunding, and support. Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) January 29, 2015 PartnerRadio.org is the brainchild of Cooperative Platform of Sustainability Partnerships, a growing eco cooperative comprised of sustainability projects and visionaries; a non-profit, and a...
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Diablo Publications Sold to Its Employees

Screen Shot 2015-02-24
Diablo Publications has created an Employee Stock Ownership Plan to sell the company to its employees. Walnut Creek, CA (PRWEB) February 24, 2015   Steven J. Rivera, founder of Diablo Publications, proudly informed employees at the end of 2014 that the company was being sold to its employees...
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Reality Interrupts

I just wanted to follow up on my previous post …   Almost as soon as I had noticed Amara Enyia’s candidacy it had ended. I recently read a really good article about her candidicy — and it’s end:  Amara Enyia’s Withdrawal Reflects the Ongoing Reality of Chicago...
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Politics and Rational Thought, E-gads!

A nice article about co-ops popped-up on my radar today; an article about a Mayoral candidate in Chicago! The article, from eNews Park Forest near Chicago, is Chicago Mayoral Candidate Dr. Amara Enyia to Create Stronger Economy through Worker-Owned Cooperatives. The article makes a great case for the link...
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Terrific post by Richard Wolff

Richarg Wolff at Otterbein University
I found the most terrific video by Richard Wolff where he says everything I would love to be capable of saying about democracy and economics and politics and our future. It’s a long video, but well worth watching. Richard D. Wolff – “Our Economic Futures: Can Democracy Cure...
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Great Beer Drinking Occasion

icy and Dan inside the Brewery
Here is a story that warms my heart in a very special way, tomorrow Harpoon Brewery becomes 48% employee-owned! I enjoyed Harpoon, a local brew, when I lived in Boston, and I am very pro employee-ownership. This event combines both of those things and creates a great beer drinking occasion....
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