Economic Power Precedes Political Power

This headline states a simple concept that seems to escape many. While going to work daily to create profits for big corporations citizens then complain about big corporations employing lobbyists to influence the government. The actions of the big corporations seems logical, while the actions of citizens, who are also workers for big corporations, seems beyond illogical and well on the path to delusional.

The structure of the economy must change for the structure of politics to change. That is the underlying principle of this website, Equitable Principles. To end Wal-Mart lobbyists from unduly influencing our government we need to work at, and shop at, establishments other than Wal-Mart. That is task number one, starve the international corporations of cash and they will limit their expenditures on lobbyists, and then your congress-person would not kow-tow to Wal-Mart.

Every dollar spent, every hour worked, is a political statement. Working an hour at Wal-Mart, or spending a dollar at Wal-Mart, explicitly supports Wal-Mart lobbyists and implicitly supports all Wal-Mart objectives. Changing politics does not come about from signing petitions or street demonstrations, political change comes from economic change.


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