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Today there is a nice article from Canada about a beer company. The article highlights many advantages of employee-owneship and the facts that E-O companies have higher productivity and higher employee involvement.

How Great Western Brewing has benefited from its employee-owned business model

Great Western Brewing Company website
Great Western Brewing Company website


“If they’re shareholders, they obviously have a vested interest. They’ve made an investment in us and we have a special obligation to them. The transparency and communication are very important. In the past, we had some product quality challenges. We sat down with our employees, shared the history of some of those challenges and some of the things we were trying to address. We were effectively asking for their support in solving these challenges, because sometimes they can see things with a different lens than we can. And they came through. We want our employees to say, ‘I understand this problem and I want to be part of the solution.’”

In addition to high employee engagement, the model has helped the company promote its products, Mr. Micovcin said. “Consumers today are cynical about advertising and companies talking down to them but if you can get ambassadors, face to face or thorough social media, you’re creating a level of engagement that you can’t buy. 

I found this quote especially noteworthy:

The benefits of the employee-owned business model have been well researched and documented, which is why Carol Beatty, director of the Queen’s University Industrial Relations Centre and author of Employee Ownership: the New Source of Competitive Advantage, doesn’t understand why the model has not spread across the country.

“In part, I think it’s because it’s not something the government has supported that much. The policy doesn’t promote it,” she said.

It is becoming more and more apparent that corporations are merely exploiting the workers who actually create the profits which are then pocketed by just the shareholders, but also that governments are complicit in aiding shareholders worldwide while simultaneously suppressing their own citizens. Carol Beatty is politely pointing out that the Canadian government is aiding a billionaire shareholder in some far off land in exploiting Canadian citizens. Here in the US that’s called the norm.

Great Western Brewing website


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