Politics and Rational Thought, E-gads!

A nice article about co-ops popped-up on my radar today; an article about a Mayoral candidate in Chicago!

The article, from eNews Park Forest near Chicago, is Chicago Mayoral Candidate Dr. Amara Enyia to Create Stronger Economy through Worker-Owned Cooperatives. The article makes a great case for the link between co-ops and local ownership to healthy local economies.

But I’m not from Chicago and am not familiar with the candidates. But if I were in Chicago I would certainly get to know Mayoral Candidate Dr. Amara Enyia and consider supporting her from what I’ve heard and read so far.

Amara for Chicago

I went by her website to grab this poster with her image and I listened to her video while I was there, and she actually says “equitable economy.” Eeek! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you are allowed to say such rational things in a political campaign.

Really, she sounds rational and appears to actually care about her community, what will the multi-national corporations who want to siphon cash from the local citizenry think of her advocating local ownership and democratic rights? I can’t believe companies solely focused on shareholder profits will be co-operative. They might even turn antagonistic.

I wish you all the luck in the world, Amara. You may need it, and I will personally watch your efforts.




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