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Almost as soon as I had noticed Amara Enyia’s candidacy it had ended. I recently read a really good article about her candidicy — and it’s end:  Amara Enyia’s Withdrawal Reflects the Ongoing Reality of Chicago Politics.


The opening paragraphs:

Amara Enyia was the first candidate to declare for the mayoral race. By declaring so early — in February — she picked up a lot of press that she might not have otherwise received, from heavy hitters like Kari Lydersen and Ben JoravskyHer bio is Obamaesque, but to hardcore progressives, her platformis even better.

Alas, on Tuesday, Enyia officially withdrew from the race. Her paperwork was challenged, and reading between the lines of her withdrawal statement, it seems unlikely that she would have survived the challenge with sufficient signatures.

I guess I must be a “hardcore progressive” since I loved her platform. But, as I said, it seemed doomed, but, as the paragraphs above points out, she got noticed and got the ideas out there, and that’s part of the battle.



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