The Buried Lead: Entertainment Partners Acquires Ease Entertainment Services (The Real Story: A socialist enterprise just bought a capitalist enterprise!)

The headline, “Entertainment Partners Acquires Ease Entertainment Services,” and the article, don’t really tell the story. The whole story.

While the article is technically correct, and well written and researched, from my perspective the meaning of the article is buried. The informational part of the tale, the kicker, is revealed in the “about the company” footers at the end of the article.

Established nearly 40 years ago, Entertainment Services is a 100% employee-owned company. That’s the core of the article from a business perspective. Heck, even his quote. Read the story, then re-read his quote used in that story, and think of modernization and innovation applied to corporate structure rather than technology. Think of modernization and innovation applied to human society.

EP_border_2 “This transaction combines the two companies most focused on innovating in the industry to improve and simplify the vital processes that enable the production business. Opportunities like this to reimagine a business and innovate an industry come along very rarely. Bringing together our two companies accelerates our shared vision to modernize the production industry, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

That’s an awesome quote if you think in more grand terms than simply improving a  widget. Mark Goldstein, EP President and CEO, said reimagine a business and that is the phrase that jumps out at me. A socialist enterprise just bought a capitalist enterprise. Now that’s a headline! And that’s the angle I would have taken in the article. But of course, that’s just my spin. :-> Power to the people!

 A socialist enterprise just bought a capitalist enterprise!


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