“Bernie Pushes Hard for Employee Ownership”

That’s right, there is a politician out there that is worried about people, actual citizens. That politician is Bernie Sanders. bernie-sanders-portrait-01

In an article called “Bernie Pushes Hard for Employee Ownership of Businesses” it actually discusses economics and profitability, and highlights Publix supermarkets, the socialist grocer thriving in the South of the US, by no means a socialist stronghold. Workers owning the means of production, or, in modern lingo, getting a piece of the pie, a share of the profits, is the only equitable path for humanity. Democratic socialism, that’s what Publix is, an organization where profits are divided among the employees and each employee has a vote on their leaders and major initiatives, all while competing in a free market. Sounds great, huh?

Unfortunately the message of employee-ownership, and worker democracy, is buried among many other issues and I can’t even find outright support of employee-ownership at https://berniesanders.com, though I am confident that Sanders would undoubtably tell anybody who asks that he supports E-O. Heck, who wouldn’t. Like the article cited above mentions, even Reagan supported E-O. Every president in the last 50 years has said they support E-O.

Yet Sanders has a long record of actually sticking with his equitable principles, so I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt.

There is also an article over at a more mainstream website called “Bernie Sanders’ Big Idea to Spread the Wealth — Let Workers Own a Piece of the Business They Work for” that does a great job detailing the flaws of the capitalist system, and why, by definition, it is inequitable.

Businesses are run for a profit that goes into the pockets of the business’ “investors.” To be an investor requires that you have money. This is a rigged system that by definition channels the returns and gains of our economy to the people who have money in the first place. ...

This is bad for America’s long-term economy, people, environment and — since it brings about intense concentration of wealth — bad for our democracy, too. But hey, it’s great for a few already-wealthy people at the top. ...

Why should our system be designed to work only for the already wealthy and encourage business models that squeeze workers, customers, communities, the environment and our country? It is time to take a serious look at the ways our government could work for We the People by helping us to start and buy out companies and otherwise invest in worker-owned businesses.

Great article!



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