Adventures in New Economics

 Adventures in New Economics –

What’s up with the Totnes REconomy Project?

That is an interesting video discussing new economy efforts going on in Britain from an on-the-ground perspective.

But my point is I need to get organized, or I must focus, and I think these thoughts, and I write this post, and other posts on other websites, and listen to the video (“capitalists looking for return … patient capital willing to accept …”) and know in a sliver of my mind that I will never be organized in a classical sense.

But what I wanted to do right now is leave myself a link, to this video, and to, which serves multiple purposes. Both links are supplied for both mine and your information, but each link is associated in my mind with other subjects.

The Center for New Economics website, an excellent website, personally reminds me to polish up this website. And post here more often.

Edit: I meant to include links to Schumacher College and the Schumacher Center for a New Economics, two excellent resources.


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