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This website highlights organizations that support equitable principles. We are determined to utilize the resources assembled here and “whatever means necessary” to establish a nationwide, employee-owned, casual-food franchise serving locally sourced food — named HometownHero — to spread democracy and ownership and wealth distribution to the employees, and society.

Employee-owned businesses diversify wealth distribution to labor and provide financial stability to communities. A national employee-owned franchise competing directly with the likes of McDonalds and Yum Brands could utilize positive cultural sentiment toward employee-ownership, workplace democracy, sustainable economics and locally grown food to help re-build communities and the middle-class.


Established by Michael Rhys in July, 2013, Equitable Principles is dedicated to advancing equitable principles in the economic sphere concerning ownership structure. Ownership structure affects equitable distribution of profits, and thus affects everything else, such as wealth distribution, economic power, political power, educational opportunities, life expectancy and quality of life.

We will address equitable ownership structures of productive assets through education, advocacy, debate and discussion, and importantly, through action and involvement.

The primary ownership structures that affect equitable distribution of profits are co-ops, and, in the US, Employee Stock Ownership Plans, (ESOPs). We consciously choose to encourage discussions here that highlight positives, like the corporations and organizations that embody and support equitable principles, or paths forward, rather than to curse the darkness, embodied in the exploitation all around us.

Please take a moment to read our basic pages which further clarify equitable principles, and the actions and beliefs of equitable organizations that differentiate them from exploitive organizations.

If you agree, or if you disagree, we encourage you to comment on a post. All voices are welcome, but please always be civil.

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